Landscaping – Our landscape consultants help us harmonize our designs with nature providing a healthy green space

Furniture - our in house craftsmen produce exquisite luxury furniture to suit your tastes.

Office Spaces – We design and build efficient yet vibrant work spaces for all kinds of commercial establishments

Restaurant Designs – We specialize in creating unique spaces for restaurants of all sizes and types.

Interiors – We conceptualize, design and execute interior designing projects for your retail spaces.

Renovations – We take up complete renovations of residences

Architects for Houses – Complete design and supervision

Interior Designers and Architects in Chandigarh

We conceptualize, design and execute a wide range of architectural and interior design projects for commercial buildings, office buildings, institutes, housing complexes, hospitals, farmhouses, residences and apartment interiors. We provide complete design solutions even for renovations and re-vamps.

We take up all types of architectural projects. Our architectural services include: Space planning, designing, complete architectural drawings, sanctioning, site planning, structural drawings, site supervision, landscape architecture and 3D views of elevations and interiors.

We provide design and turn-key solutions to wide range of interior projects: commercial, retail, residential, offices, restaurants etc. Whether it is contemporary, ethnic or Victorian style, with our creative team, we add the wow-effect in all our interior designs.


We also manufacture luxury furniture for your homes and offices. All furniture is made in pure teak wood by our in house craftsmen. Check out our galleries here

Recent Projects

  • Neha Singh Bhatia Showroom Interior design Neha Singh Bhatia – Showroom in Shivalik View Chandigarh

    An impact-ful presence in Chandigarh was required by my already established Delhi based client, ‘Neha Singh Bhatia’. This was a small shop of 250 square feet in Hotel Shivalik view. It had to be done in such a way that the space itself reflected the energy, the taste and quality of Neha’s products. Her products are all based around celebrations and functions, from weddings to birthday parties. While designing we made sure that the products were the star of the show, and the interiors were just a backdrop or a stage for display. We selected high finish materials and apt Continue Reading

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  • 6 edifecs – recreational space for an IT company

    ‘Vibrant’, ‘energising’ and ‘motivational’ were the underlying themes that lingered throughout the design process.The space given to us was challenging to work with due to various technical reasons. There were ducts all over, different levels in the flooring and worst of all was the ceiling. It was a jungle of beams criss- crossing in no particular pattern. A simple false ceiling could not have done the trick as the lowest point was only 7 feet high. Thus we came up with a creative solution, hiding most of the ugly ceiling and yet having a ‘funky’ look and feel.Materials and colours were Continue Reading

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